Innovative digital entrepreneurship at the heart of the fight against Covid-19

The fight against Coronavirus also requires innovation and creativity. In Morocco and in these times of health crisis, startups have developed solutions focused mainly on the fight against the spread of a virus which is still as devastating as ever.

inwi is a Moroccan telecom operator that supports innovative digital solutions to fight against Covid-19. Within the framework of its national HackCovid programme, it has been keen to accompany and support start-ups with innovative solutions to fight against the Coronavirus.

A date d’aujourd’hui et parmi les projets retenus dans le cadre du programme To date and among the projects selected under the HackCovid program, several are from startups having benefited from the “inwi innov” program led by the operator. This is the case of “”, a medical advice platform that connects patients and volunteer doctors for free medical advice, and already records more than 50,000 visits per day. 

This platform comes from the startup Linkommunity: “Since our creation, and after a passage through inwiDAYS, our startup offers a vertical community network for several public and private organizations. During covid-19 it seemed obvious to us to join the national momentum through our platform for medical advice” says Mohamed Alaoui, co-founder of “”.

Other promising projects have emerged through this initiative, such as the Remoteach startup that has deployed its service for training and certifying teachers in virtual classroom management tools. This initiative has already trained around 50 teachers and nearly 2,000 students impacted by their solution.

“Since the beginning of the state of health containment, we have been mobilized to support the teaching staff to better adapt to the current digital context. Inwi supported us to take up this challenge and to be able to support thousands of teachers in the deployment of their online courses”, says Salaheddine Moutacharif, co-founder of “”.

As a reminder, the HackCovid initiative mobilizes all entrepreneurs in the digital sector to propose innovative technological solutions to fight Covid-19 even more effectively. The solutions deployed revolve around 4 main themes: digital at the service of citizen solidarity, digital at the service of health, digital at the service of the crisis economy, and digital at the service of security and the citizen.

Rida Chahoud, Manager Open Innovation at inwi explains that the objective of this approach is to accelerate the adoption and deployment of innovative and solidarity-based digital solutions, capable of contributing to the national effort of mobilizing and fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. It is in this spirit that inwi takes part in the “HackCovid” initiative initiated by APEBI alongside several public and private organizations (CGEM, ADD, AUSIM, CNDP …): Our mission is to support the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable digital projects through operational support and strategic guidance offered to Moroccan entrepreneurs. This approach is all the more important in this period of crisis where digital plays a central role in the fight against the repercussions related to COVID19”.  It should be noted that since the launch of the “inwi innov” program in 2012, more than 1,000 Moroccan entrepreneurs have been supported and 50 startups have benefited from the operator’s solutions to concretize and deploy their digital innovations on the market. Each year, more than 200 innovative projects are studied.

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