Gontran Mabetomoka to the young startupers: ”The future belongs to ambitious entrepreneurs…So, let’s go, guys”.

Pierre Corneille had Rodrigue say in Le Cid:

“I am young, it is true; but to souls who are well-born, value does not wait for the number of years”.

Apparently, this adage suits a profile such as that of Gontran Mabetomoka, a young entrepreneur who, in just a few years, has managed to accumulate several professional experiences in the field of startups, innovation, creativity and research. A field in which he has found himself perfectly suited to develop his skills.

Interview with a digital entrepreneurship enthusiast with an exceptional background.

Bruidges Builder:  First, can we get an idea about Gontran Mabetomoka?

Gontran Mabetomoka: I am 30 years old. I have a solid scientific background in applied mathematics (bachelor’s/master’s degree) from the University of Paris Descartes. I am an entrepreneur, advisor, mentor and also an investor (incubators, accelerators, et startups).

As a startup, now with a well-rounded background, what were the beginnings like?

The beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur was so exciting for two reasons:

  • The feeling of starting a project that can really change the world.
  • And a great dedication to stimulating people to join the company.

Listen! illustrates the success of a French startup. To what extent did this experience allow you to embark on other adventures?

In my opinion, it’s all about meeting the right people when you’ve broken down some of the barriers in the journey of an entrepreneur. There are three complementary and constant things that create opportunities to start other businesses: ambition, hard work and passion.

Apparently, it was with the same spirit that you launched the Faster Capital Incubator? Can you also tell us why it’s based in Dubai?

I am Venture Partner at FasterCapital for France. FasterCapital is an Emirati technology venture capital fund and incubator. FasterCapital is based in Dubai as its sponsors and founders are Emiratis.

You are also a member of the Jury at the European Commission. What are the criteria for which you choose to select a startup?

I was selected to be part of the jury for EUvsVirus (a European Commission initiative that proposed technological projects to address the Covid-19 pandemic). My main criteria are the following:

  • A strong and complementary team.
  • A disruptive solution that solves an important part of the Covid-19 epidemic.
  • A solution that could be part of a large market.

Compared to the current context marked by a health crisis that has taken a heavy toll on the global economy, how are fundraising efforts shaping up?

We are going through a difficult period with a deep economic crisis and there will certainly be a decrease in fundraising for start-ups because the sponsors of venture capital funds will be more precise and more restrictive with their money and finally the valuation of start-ups will decrease for at least a year.

In the same context, how do you see the future of startups?

For start-ups, several opportunities exist because, not being listed on the stock market, companies are more agile to innovate or improve their business models. The future simply lies in the hands of ambitious entrepreneurs. After any crisis, there were big companies like Twitter, Uber etc… So let’s go guys.

Do you have ambitions or investment strategies in Africa? If so, which countries are of most interest to you and which African startups are you planning to partner with?

Yes. I have ambitions in Africa, especially in the field of technology. Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, DRC and Morocco are countries that interest me to develop investment projects in the field of technology.  

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