Gemma Rubio Rodrigo: A Digital Entrepreneur

« For me, it is important to support the ambition, leadership, and entrepreneurship of women that have great ideas, amazing startups but that need the last push to make them grow. Together is better!”

Spanish-born Gemma Rubio Rodrigo is   an ICT and Startup passionate with an innovative spirit. Professionally, she is a true self-made woman. To her credit, she has a rich background in everything that has to do with supporting women’s leadership. More details in this interview that Mrs Gemma Rubio Rodrigo kindly gave us.

Bridges Builder: Can we first have a brief overview of Mrs. Gemma Rubio Rodrigo?

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo :I’m from sunny Valencia in Spain and have been living in Delft, The Netherlands since 2013 together with my 2 daughters (10 and 14). When we arrived, I started working as a Country Manager for Spain in a tech company. In 2015 I have started my own company, Define The Fine, from where I help companies to develop a great strategy customer-focused, improving all the process that creates good emotions and brings positive feelings to their customers about their products and brands.

I adapt their communications to different markets, giving them advice not only from the professional point of view but we also raise the level of cultural awareness, by focusing on the behavioral and interpersonal subtleties of each of the countries.

In 2016 I finish my work with the company I was working for, and I started working for Define The Fine full-time. I love my job and that makes me feel as if I do not work. I have a goal that is to help entrepreneurs and C-Level managers to successfully achieve their goals in creating strong brands. To improve the way they communicate the values of their company and products or services with their clients/users.

I love to travel, visit new places and meet new and different people. I work worldwide and that gives me the opportunity to do so. I have projects in The Netherlands but also in Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Russia, to name some of them.

You can find me via LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagram, and of course, on my webpage. I also provide consultancy and teach about the fundamentals of marketing, customer experience, consumer behavior, neuromarketing, and strategy.

You can find some of my articles in Spanish at the online community

In the other hand, I think it is so important to be diverse and inclusive, I help and give my support to helping in different associations; I’m a member of “Google’s Women tech-makers community”, of “Mujeres líderes de las Americas”, of “Impulse4Women” and “Women In Tech”, associations which; stimulate the exchange of ideas, and support the ambition, leadership, and entrepreneurship of women, fostering diversity in companies and organizations.

Within the framework of ”women in tech”, you have a mission. What is it?

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo : Women in Tech is an International Organization with a double mission to bridge the Gender Gap and to Help Women Embrace Tech.

When we talk about Women in Tech, we do not talk about developers or women creating robots, we talk about tech in   a much broader sense of the word. Nowadays, a lot of jobs use technology even if they do not create it. For example, I work online doing Online Communication and Strategy.

You are also an ambassador of “Impulse 4 women”. Can we know what it is about? what are the objectives that are important to you at this level?

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo : Impulse4Women is an international nonprofit association operating both online and offline formed and developed by women from the investment and entrepreneurship industries. Our goal is to connect Female tech entrepreneurs and also Social Impact projects with investors, corporates, public and private organizations. We support at every stage of development providing the required tools and skills to increase the probability of funding. Though our Matchmaking Platform, we connect Female Entrepreneurs – Social Impact projects with Investors, Corporates, Public Institutions, and Private Organizations.

For me, it is important to support the ambition, leadership, and entrepreneurship of women that have great ideas, amazing startups but that need the last push to make them grow. Together is better.

How are the relationships between investors and women startups? Examples or figures if possible?

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo :I am not an investor myself but what I have heard from investors that I work with and startups. Most of the time is the women the ones that do not feel confident when asking for money. They ask for smaller quantities. Impulse4women started because they realized about this problem. The founders are investors themselves and they wanted to help to make it easy for both, investors and women in business. Obviously, there is a gap.

They get less investment, but usually, they have more revenue

What do you think of the African female startup? Do you have projects or investment plans in Africa?

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo : I don’t work directly with any African Female Startup but I have heard that they have the same problem with investment. I’d like to be part of projects in Africa, I think there is a lot of potential.

No, I do not have any, but I’d like to be part of projects in Africa. I think there is a lot of potentials.

What about the financing of the startup?

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo :I am not involved in the financial part. I help startups with the communication and marketing part. I know there is much help and support for the EU and also, they are helping companies that are helping to solve the situation with the COVID-19.

I help Startups to communicate in a way that will help them to connect with their perfect customer and to gain trust, important to get costumers and have a better financial situation.

How do you see the startup’s future in a current global context marked by a serious health crisis?

There are always people that have great ideas and create amazing businesses during the crisis. It is time to reinvent ourselves. Also, there is a lot of support from governments, companies, incubators, and accelerators helping companies in these difficult times.

 It is going to be a difficult period for many people but is going to bring amazing changes too. It has a good and bad side… I think a lot of companies will disappear and some new ones will appear. The way we work is changing really fast, so the fastest to adapt and change, they will have it easier.

 It also depends on the country they are based in, the face their startup is at this moment, and also the kind of work they do. Tourism and HORECA have a difficult situation but on the other hand, the eCommerce companies, and online business, they are growing and have a big demand and a lot of work.  

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