Teleworking When Kenya gives justice by video-chat and the Councils of Ministers take place by videoconference in Senegal

Social alienation due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced companies and organizations to turn to online platforms to continue important work. Some Public Administrations are not left behind.

In Kenya, the Judiciary has turned to Skype and Gmail to continue practicing Law and delivering Justice. Thus, the Kenyan judiciary, in this period of containment since 24 March 2020, sends court judgements by email and video chat. The Kenyan Ministry of Justice makes this statement on its social networking pages. It informs lawyers that it will deliver several pending judgments by electronic means – including video chat and email – until the restrictions are removed.

e-Government: The Councils of Ministers in videoconference

In Senegal, for the first time, the Council of Ministers took place in the form of a videoconference on Wednesday, 1 April 2020. And it would be so until the end of the pandemic, says the Senegalese Head of State, Macky Sall. Since then, at the address and via the OPTICA platform, the Senegalese ministers and their head of state have communicated, shared documents and followed up on tasks. This is thanks to its State IT Agency (ADIE) which has made teleworking tools available to the Administration.

Siré Sy

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