Tele-School It’s TV and it’s School!

Pedagogical, didactic, playful, technological, “fun” and “in”, it”s Télé-Ecole : the first educational TV in Africa. Tele-School is a start up founded in 2013 by the Senegalese entrepreneur Assane Mboup, its managing director.

In Senegal, during the period when schools are closed because of the Covid-19 coronavirus, the startup Tele-School produces audiovisual educational content. This content is then made available free of charge to television channels and other web and digital platforms in order to support the Senegalese education system. Tele-School thus carries out solidarity courses in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education of Senegal, which officially assigns to it. During the time when schools are closed, teachers prepare and validate the courses before they are recorded, edited and broadcast on TV Télé-Ecole. Thus, television channels and other web and digital platforms have the right to take over educational content free of charge. These courses, in audiovisual format, are under the supervision of the Direction of Training and Communication of the MEN, the academic inspectorates, the Inspectors of Education and Training, with the validation of the Regional Training Centre for Education Personnel. A pedagogical support commission is in conjunction with the Association of Heads of Secondary Schools in Senegal and the Collective of Heads of Secondary Schools to validate the pedagogical content. Tele-School is a startup launched in 2013. Télé-École sets the tone in Senegal for e-learning, one of the complementary modalities in education, teaching and training in African countries.

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