WOMA, “the Senegalese Uber”

Dakar is on the move in terms of urban mobility. The road infrastructure policy is beginning to have a positive impact in Senegal. The BRT (Bus Rapid Transfer) project, the Aftu Network (Tatas buses), the Dakar Dem Dikk Network, the Little Suburban Train, the Rapid Coaches, the Ndiaga Ndiaye, the Clandos, the Taxis, allow multimodal urban mobility, especially in Dakar region, with  an estimated population of nearly 4 million inhabitants in 2020. It is in this new ecosystem of urban mobility that a Senegalese start-up company has just launched a mobile application called WOMA, bringing Senegal into the era of “uberization”. The Woma mobile application, available and downloadable for free on Play store and Apple store, is intended to be “the Senegalese Uber”. From now on, no more pacing to the road to take a taxi, with its share of sweat, dust and sandy paths to walk to the road, and having to haggle over the price of the trip. The WOMA Application fleet will pick you up in front of your home and drop you off at your destination. In the utmost discretion.

The WOMA Application, instructions for useploi

Getting around quickly and safely in Dakar and Senegal becomes easier with the WOMA application. Need to get around? Log in and go to the WOMA application that automatically finds your location and suggests the car closest to you. Once your reserved vehicle, which you can geolocate from your phone until it arrives at you, and once on the road, the WOMA application allows you to share your location with others if you wish, so they know where you are and how long it will take to get to your destination. If you accidentally forget something in the vehicle, you can easily find it by contacting the driver or WOMA management. This will make your trip more affordable, safe and comfortable. Yes, traveling via WOMA is cheaper and the drivers are always nearby, so you can be picked up, on request, in a few minutes.

With WOMA, work whenever you want!

When you partner with WOMA, you can manage your own schedule.

You set your own income and you can earn money by activating your availability in the WOMA Partner application. Not only will the application guide you through every race, but WOMA can also lead you to be your own boss.

Become a WOMA Partner Driver! It’s easy to get started. Senegal is entering the Uberization of urban mobility with the WOMA Application, the “Senegalese Uber”, available and downloadable for free from Play store and Apple store.

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