Tunisia: The 5 criteria to obtain the ”Startup Label”

The Startup Label is a label granted to any company under Tunisian law meeting the criteria of the ”Startup Act” which are 5 requirements.

  • AGE: The company must be less than 8 years old since its legal incorporation.
  • SIZE: The company must have less than 100 employees and less than 15 MDT (million dinars, 4,8 millions d’Euros) of total balance sheet or annual turnover.
  • SHARE CAPITAL: The capital of the company must be held at more than 2/3 by persons, regulated investment organizations (investment funds, etc.) or foreign startups. 
  • INNOVATION: The business model of the startup must be innovative, i.e. provide an interesting and differentiated solution to a given problem.   
  • SCALABILITY: The company’s target market must be large and homogeneous; the solution provided must be adapted to the market (solution-market fit) and the team in charge must be able to implement the project properly. 

Siré Sy

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