”Tomorrow, the regulation of remote work as a mode of exercising work in Africa”.David TSAASSE, Consultant

David Tsaasse is an Information Systems Consultant. Questioned by Bridges Builder, he states that ”Covid-19 has forced those who until now were reluctant to adopt remote working to no longer consider it as a way of carrying out professional activities and business continuity plan in companies and organizations”.

With the measures of containment and social distancing taken by public authorities, companies and organizations are forced to think outside the box and to think differently. Thus, David Tsaasse, states that “not only the switch to remote work is a necessary measure to allow companies to continue their operations without endangering the lives of their employees or customers, but now telework has definitely become part of professional life in Africa since it first appeared in the United States in 1972, mainly through the telephone and fax. Telework will experience a real boom in Africa thanks to new information and communication technologies”. It cannot be excluded that in Africa, remote work will be provided with a regulatory framework and recognized as a way of exercising salaried work”.

At the moment in Africa, only start-ups, freelancers, some international media outlets and IT services companies are using home-working as a way of working the most. On the other hand, in many sectors of activity, there is a need for the physical presence of people, whether in the food processing, printing, livestock, agriculture, transport, catering, accommodation, events, construction industries.

However, notes David Tsaasse, “telework is difficult to apply in many sectors of activity except in the case of complete automation of production processes using robots, sensors and remote control systems. This is not yet a common application in Africa”.

Siré Sy

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