From Nigeria to Ghana, Kenya and South Africa The Stroll of Bridges Builder in Lagos, Accra, Nairobi and Jo’burg

The digital economy in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa is evolving much faster than the legislation that is supposed to support it. In all four countries, each ecosystem is benefiting from exciting digital initiatives from their governments, national and international private sector.

In Lagos (population 21 million) in Nigeria, logistics are essential. Lagos is huge and access for startups to technology hubs is often difficult. There are so many entrepreneurial initiatives in Lagos that the economic capital of Nigeria is rich in accelerators and incubators. Better and more on the continent, it is in Nigeria that access to financing by startups is the least difficult, but nevertheless, the overall volume of innovations remains underfunded. And opportunities abound and it all comes down to the startupers’ marketing side.

In Accra, Ghana, the ecosystem and infrastructure are excellent. The many social and digital development initiatives presage a Ghana “Innov’Nation” in West Africa. The great challenge for Ghanaian startups and the Ghanaian ecosystem remains a relative lack of funding and weak incentive programs for startups on the part of public structures. Especially for those startupers who are still at the project idea stage and are most in need of mentoring first and funding second.

In Nairobi (Kenya) the country of IT4D (Technological Innovations for Development), home of mobile money, they are the African pioneers and precursors in the digital economy and technological innovations. With a host of savvy creators, developers and entrepreneurs, be it in mobile first businesses, fintech, energy and agro-tech. One of the explanations for Kenya’s model is that the ecosystem understood early on that financing startups is capital increase and not cash flow financing. In Johannesburg, South Africa, the startup ecosystem has a strong venture capital enterprise culture, including many funding opportunities with venture capital firms. The city generates many B2B and SaaS founders and successful IT projects. South African startupers are very connected to the West and very much aware of the latest technologies. South Africa is unquestionably the IT ecosystem that offers the most opportunities and highly skilled jobs in the digital economy.

Siré Sy

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