African Startups and Entrepreneurs 3 strands of innovation

Necessity is the source of creativity, invention and innovation. The Covid-19 pandemic and the socio-economic social crisis it heralds, is also a context of opportunity. For African startups and entrepreneurs, what seems to be a desperate moment in history is also, in fact, an enviable opportunity of innovation. Bridges Builder clears three seams of opportunity more than ever open to African startups and entrepreneurs.

1. Telemedicine and Health Care

Technology companies evolving in e-Health are, not surprisingly, in the best position for growth in the midst of the crisis. They will support weak African health systems that are generally overwhelmed and do not have the capacity to withstand an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Alongside medicine and health care by physical presence, telemedicine will have a strong presence in health care in Africa.

2. Distance learning platforms

Schools at all levels, from Dakar to Djibouti, from Cape Town to Cairo and beyond, have closed indefinitely because of the pandemic. UNESCO estimates that more than a billion learners have been affected worldwide. It represents the greatest opportunity ever for digital learning platforms and tools to flourish. Even so, data costs and internet access are not yet widespread in Africa.

3. Home Delivery

Although Jumia, the pioneer and reference of e-commerce in Africa, is going through a crisis, the e-commerce and e-delivery platforms will expand. The platforms allowing consumers to buy fresh products in the markets and having an efficient logistics service with an attractive business model, will pick up large orders. With the coming crises (pandemic, climate change), social activities will increasingly come to a standstill in some countries.

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