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15 starts up to be followed by Bridges Bridge in 2020

Ivory Coast has an economic dynamism embodied by young entrepreneurs investing in all sectors.  Blue Bag Africa listed 15 most innovative young companies in Côte d’Ivoire during the year 2019 that Bridges Builder will follow particularly for you in 2020.

Here they are:


The trio Abou Koné, Franck Boni and Josselin Kouco founded AKIL Technologies in 2016, an offshore digital services company. Their flagship solution is AKILCAB, a software based on SYSCOHADA system enabling accountants to offer to their clients the edition and remote transmission of financial statements, and production of accounting statements entirely dematerialized. 50 accounting firms are already on the beta platform, with a target of 1000 by the end of 2019 in Ivory Coast, Benin and Senegal.


”Quickly Done… and refreshing ” This the motto of APERO ABIDJAN, the first Ivorian service of delivery specialized in aperitif packs at home. Open from 7pm to 4am, APERO ABIDJAN delivers packs (packs Gin Tonic, Cuba Libre etc…) which include drinks, ice cubes and snacks. Deliveries are made within a maximum of one hour. His bet for 2019? To make Apero Abidjan go from a breakdown service to a mandatory components of Abidjan evenings.


Marcel Yao founded Atre Marché, a virtual marketplace allowing its clients to buy food products online and having them delivered to their homes. With more than 450 local and imported products listed, including « akpi » and « petite cola », Atre Marché allows to order either from the website, or via mobile  through application available on Playstore or by messenger. To date, the young company has more than 500 regular customers and nearly 50 suppliers, all managed by a team of 9 people. With diversified services such as wholesale and sell-per-kilo, Atre Marché makes the bet to facilitate of Ivorians’ daily life.


DIASPO4AFRICA.com connects the diaspora with local project promoters aiming to create wealth. Its platform has attracted the registration of more than 1500 entrepreneurs in 11 French-speaking African countries for 300 projects selected. In 2018, DIASPO4AFRICA has 100 active diaspora investor accounts and has facilitated 196 million CFAF in fundraising for local projects.

5 . EASY

Easy is a connected concierge service that offers to collect your laundry for treatment (washing, ironing) and deliver it to you within 48 hours. Founded by Anin Rebecca Jocelyne, Easy offers a subscription service (from 2 visits per month for 30 clothes per month and more) or collection on demand. With more than 500 runs completed, the young company has just successfully completed its first fundraising campaign for a Canadian investor and expects to accelerate its performance in 2019.


Founder of the Jumia subsidiary in Ivory Coast and then former Managing Director of Jumia in Nigeria, Fatoumata Bâa created Janngo : the first “social start-up studio” in Africa, a start-up that launched others.  In May 2018, Fatoumata Bâ succeeded in raising a seed capital of one million euros and launched its first startup-platform: Jexport. With around 15 employees, Jexport is an end to end digital solution that simplifies import-export logistics for SMEs: it enables them to obtain online  quotes and shipping requests, manage documents needed for goods and track packages in real time.


Patrick Nikiema developed a particular passion for cigars during his 10 years spent in Ivory Coast and then Canada. His vision was to create the first cigar brand designed and dedicated for the African market. He did it in 2016 when he launched the cigars production under the Lyon Cigars brand using a premium quality tobacco – a tobacco aged between 2 and 3 years and then rolled by hand-. Made in the Dominican Republic, sold in several countries (Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo, Luxembourg, Canada), Lyon Cigars can be found in Zino stores and at Abidjan’s FHB airport Dutty free.


Need a plumber or electrician in an emergency? Monartisan is an on-demand skills platform that allows you to quickly and easily find craftsmen near you. Those latter are tested, evaluated and recommended for maintenance and troubleshooting work. In 2018, 280 orders were processed and 6 company contracts were fulfilled via the platform. Winner of the BMCE Bank Pan-African Award for African Entrepreneurs and thanks to this award the company has a, additional financing for a target of 1,000 orders expected in 2019.


Nofiplay is a pioneering application for African movies and music streaming. Its particularity? No more need for Internet. The startup has created a proprietary software embedded in a box with integrated wifi allowing any other wifi device (smart TV, PC at home or your smartphone in town) to connect, to watch entertainment content. The startup also has a recording studio and has created an extensive catalogue of original local content. The Nofiplay application is accessible via Android and AppStore for a monthly subscription of 1,000 FCFA and an internet-free offer should follow in the coming months.


Nverse specializes in collecting used ink cartridges and reconditioning them into new cartridges, up to 35% less costly than the new ones.  Driven by a sense of business as well as an environmentally friendly fiber, he launches Nverse in 2016. With a team of 9 people and a turnover exceeding 45 million FCFA in 2018, it serves mainly corporate customers and intends to launch the mass distribution in 2019. Nverse has notably won the Ivoirian Industry Patronal Price in 2016.


Etche Noel is a computer scientist. In 2010, a member of his family is affected by a serious illness. His nephew fell ill with meningitis and became deaf after not respecting his appointment date. This is the trigger. Etche Noel develops with his co-founder Jean-Claude Blay Niamkey, a vaccination reminder service by SMS that he extends to an online vaccination book. After a test in 2011 at the Public Hygiene Institute, the electronic vaccination book, called OPISMS – costing 1,000 F CFA per year – has been approved by the Ministry of Health and will be launched nationwide in 2013. Four years later, OPISMS claims a coverage of 600,000 people in 165 health centers.


Porc Ivoire launches the first Ivorian network of production and distribution of organic pork. According to the startup, pork is the most consumed meat in Ivory Coast. Daniel Oulai , its founder, has developed an ingenious model. The company trains young people in its new farm-school located in Man in the skills of pig breeding; the young people who decide to set up on their own are then supplied with feed at preferential conditions and all their production is then bought by Porc Ivoire . The company aims to train and set up 1,000 young self-entrepreneurs over the next 5 years.


Procouture simplifies life and customer management for couturiers. It allows any couturier to show their catalogue to customers, record customer measurements, delivery dates and has an accounting system – all with a very simplified interface for couturiers, even if they are functionally illiterate. To date, Procouture has attracted more than 500 dressmakers who pay a fixed monthly fee. Led by Souleymane Ouattara, Adama Bakayoko, Levi N’Dri Konan and Laure Epiphanie Vah, this quartet aims to extend the use of Procouture to the entire sub-region

14 . UCOIN

Founded by Mamadou Kwidjim Touré, former head of the American General Electric for Africa and a former IFC member, Ubuntu Coin wants to democratize gold ownership for Africans and Afro-descendants. Ubuntu Coin has launched ”U-Gold” which is not a crypto-currency, but a digital certificate guaranteed by divisible gold and transferable on the blockchain in real time.  Ubuntu Coin has thus obtained gold from major suppliers on the continent and is negotiating a model of pre-financing equipment and technical assistance for artisanal gold panners in exchange for the regular supply of gold at a reduced price. This startup will launch a public offering open to all investors in the second quarter of 2019.    


It is with a capital of 60 000 FCFA and 50 chicks that Ben Aziz Konaté launches Volaille d’or which produces and sells quality chickens in 2013. Today, the 24-year-old entrepreneur leads a team of 17 permanent employees for several thousand heads of poultry in production on several sites and a turnover of more than 100 million in 2017. This success has earned Ben Aziz a place on Forbes Magazine’s list of the 30 most promising young Africans in 2018.

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Sources: Digital Business Africa et Blue Bag Africa

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